Reference works

With these links you can access free dictionaries and reference works for many European languages, as well as other languages of the world. Nearly all of the links offer translations both from the given foreign languages into German and from German into the respective foreign language. Useful links to monolingual dictionaries and reference works for specific specialist areas are available here as well.
Lists of English abbreviations
Main language English, also has an acoustic function for listening to the English pronunciation, translates terms from English into German, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish, monolingual transcription of many English terms, search function based on technical areas.
Online dictionary for German-Arabic, Arabic-German, English-Arabic, Arabic-English and more.
English-German technical construction dictionary
Contains dictionaries and grammar for German and a program for checking spelling (changes were carried out in accordance with the last German spelling reform of August 2006), 250,000 entries in the dictionary
Chinese-German dictionary published by the German-Chinese Society in Hamburg
Chinese-German dictionary or
German dictionaries for technical terms from the areas of computers, the Internet and telecommunications
List of links for dictionaries and glossaries focussing on Portuguese
English dictionary – the terminology collections for many other European languages are continuously expanded.
English-Estonian online dictionary
German-Hungarian online dictionary
English, Spanish and Portuguese dictionary published by the TU Chemnitz
Cambridge English dictionary, very comprehensive, with idiomatic usage
Arabic dictionary in combination with German, English, French, Turkish
Extensive German reference work – entered terms are searched for in Duden standard works such as abbreviations, spelling, dictionary of foreign words, universal dictionary, dictionary of synonyms, etc. – contains toolbar for downloading and enables spellchecking of texts.
English-Chinese medical dictionary (homepage) (German language page)
At present the program supports the translation of 69 into 73 languages. The translation of terms can be requested directly after selecting the source and the target language. Based on 265 online dictionaries, which can be accessed from a menu. With 'Translate Now' also provides rapid access to 28 translation tools for the machine translation of sentences.
English – German food lexicon
Glossary with over 5000 terms from the finance world in German, English, French and Italian
List of links to online dictionaries for eastern European languages
Interactive terminology for Europe with around 1.4 million entries. The terminology database for the EU's institutions covers all 23 official languages, from Bulgarian to Swedish, as well as Latin.  Searches are possible for terms, abbreviations or "all", and it is also possible to restrict to special technical areas. Translations from a source language in several target languages are also offered.
German-English dictionary for banking and finance by Winfried Honig
Comprehensive dictionary founded by the Technical University Munich: English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian
Offers language portals for Italian, English, French and Spanish
Chinese-English dictionary
Monolingual Italian dictionary for technology and computer science, also contains translations of many English terms and abbreviations that are required for using programs and navigating the Internet.
Merriam-Webster English dictionary, very comprehensive, with a thesaurus and a special section for medical terms, also has a conversion table for dimensions and weights:
Additional section of Merriam-Webster: Spanish – English
Turkish dictionary for Turkish
Turkish-English dictionary
Dutch dictionary
The program is based on approx. 700 mainly English-language special dictionaries. If a word is entered, an explanation or paraphrase is sought simultaneously in all dictionaries (e.g. in Money Glossary, Science and Biotechnology, Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing). Linked in the "Find translations" section with a series of other online dictionaries.
Online dictionary of science and technology for English, Russian, Italian and French with text references
Language portal for English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Turkish and Latin
Dictionary for French, English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Romanian, Japanese, Hebrew, Polish and Turkish
List of links to Polish dictionaries
List of links to Russian dictionaries
Online technical dictionary English-Spanish, Spanish-English for finance, further links to English-Spanish glossaries, lists of abbreviations, etc.
Russian dictionary in combination with German, English, Spanish,  Italian, Portuguese and French
Langenscheidt dictionaries English, French, Spanish, Turkish and
Wahrig German Spelling / Bertelsmann Dictionary of the German Language
This page contains links to nearly all world languages. The focus is on English, but German dictionaries (e.g. German - Hungarian, Indonesian - German) can also be accessed, as can German-English specialist dictionaries, for example for construction, landfill technology. A series of German lexica, among others on medicine and health, insurance, law, are linked directly to this site.

Glossaries and terminology databases
Spanish-English-Italian glossary for leather
EURAC terminology database "bistro", Institute for Specialised Communication and Multilingualism, German and Italian legal terminology
EU terminology database (IATE=Inter-Active Terminology for Europe) for all EU languages on all social, economic, legal and political fields in the EU
Terminology collections from degree theses from Cologne University of Applied Science
on various specialist areas with entries in German, English, French and Spanish
IMF (International Monetary Fund) terminology database in German-English-Spanish-French-Portuguese. The database contains words and expressions, as well as institutional titles and functions that are commonly encountered in IMP documents in areas such as money and banking, public financing, balance of payments, and economic growth.
Wide-ranging and easy to use terminology database of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese
English-Chinese glossary of legal terms
Online lexicon of conference technology – for conference interpreters

COMPARA: English-Portuguese, Portuguese-English database that makes text corpora on the sought term available in both languages
Oil and gas glossary in English, takes account of international, national, regional and industrial standards
German terminology portal with links to terminology databases, up-to-date, extensive, very informative
The terminology database of the language services of the German Bundestag provides parliamentary and political terminology in English and French. Also contains numerous additional specialist areas, such as economics, law or the environment.
German-English, German-French, English-German, French-German
UNTERM – United Nations Multilingual Terminology Database
Terminology database of the United Nations in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic
Multilingual glossary of medical terminology in English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese
Terminology database of the Institute for Translation Science at Innsbruck University:
collection of terminological dissertations by students at the institute. At present (June 2010) it comprises 211 dissertations with a total of about 27,000 bilingual or multilingual entries on various subjects from at present 25 disciplines in German and one (or more) of the following languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish.

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